Which german doctor you recommend?

Begonnen von Steely, 30. Juli 2022, 18:05:05

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I am an adult person who has just found this forum. I'm living outside Germany in Europe and can't write in German so I hope you can write your response also in English. (Reading through this forum using google translate seems an overhelming project for me.)

During my search on European surgeons, I found that Dr. Luetzenberg (Lützenberg, Lutzenberg) seems to be highly recommended.

1. Can you openly recommend him as one of the best in nuss and ravitch operations in the world?
2. Do you think pain management and overall patient care in done well at Niels Stensen Kliniken?
3. Are there any other german surgeons you would highly recommend?

After reading English facebook groups on adult (older) patients going through PE correction, I get feeling that mostly patients are very pleased with the results although healing process takes some time. Most important is to go with really experienced surgeon. Most people say that although pain can be high for months and you need to eat lot of painkillers, getting their dent fixed has been the best decision in their lives.

Thanks for your time and info on german surgeons.