Private patient insurance options??!!

Begonnen von Steely, 04. September 2022, 11:07:53

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My german language skills are rudimentary so hopefully my important question is allowed in English:

As an EU citizen I could travel to Germany for the nuss surgery as statutory patient IF I could get S2 approval from my home country.

However getting this S2 approval is not always easy (they do nuss surgery also here). This is why I have the following questions:

Do German hospitals offer any extra insurance that would cover any ADDITIONAL COSTS if something additional costs arise after the operation?

Patient pays 12 000 EUR for nuss operation when he arrives at hospital before the operation. Immediately after the operation patient suffers from major internal bleeding and spends several weeks at intensive care unit at the German hospital --> Extra costs would be super high (like >150 000 EUR).

If you have any knowledge on the subject, please share your wisdom.

I know many patients travel nowadays to another country to get some surgery done. I would guess there is some kind of insurance arrangement also for this kind of situations?