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Titel: Which german doctor you recommend?
Beitrag von: Steely am 30. Juli 2022, 18:05:05

I am an adult person who has just found this forum. I'm living outside Germany in Europe and can't write in German so I hope you can write your response also in English. (Reading through this forum using google translate seems an overhelming project for me.)

During my search on European surgeons, I found that Dr. Luetzenberg (Lützenberg, Lutzenberg) seems to be highly recommended.

1. Can you openly recommend him as one of the best in nuss and ravitch operations in the world?
2. Do you think pain management and overall patient care in done well at Niels Stensen Kliniken?
3. Are there any other german surgeons you would highly recommend?

After reading English facebook groups on adult (older) patients going through PE correction, I get feeling that mostly patients are very pleased with the results although healing process takes some time. Most important is to go with really experienced surgeon. Most people say that although pain can be high for months and you need to eat lot of painkillers, getting their dent fixed has been the best decision in their lives.

Thanks for your time and info on german surgeons.

Titel: Aw: Which german doctor you recommend?
Beitrag von: annaj am 11. Oktober 2022, 12:06:46
Dr. Lützenberg is a great surgeon, not only by his skills but he knows how to care for his patients, which is unfortunately rare. He's the only one I would recommend, if you're looking for the best care and result.

I did the surgery in Berlin and in Magdeburg, Berlin was ok, but Magdeburg was much better. What I've heard is that the Niels Stensen Klinikum is even better, and when I spoke to dr. Lützenberg after he started there he was very happy about the place, what he could offer his patients.
Sometimes it can be difficult for an english speaking patient to communicate, with doctors there's usually no problem, but with some other staff you need a bit more open mind. If you're unpatient with people, you'll get it back... if you show interest in communicating, you will have no problem.

Pain is very different from patient to patient. I belive a lot has to do with how you choose to deal with pain -  are you the one dwelling in suffer or do you see to the positive things in life..? I had pain far longer after I stopped using the painkillers, they didn't work on me anyway and made my tongue strange so I had no appitite. I had lost a lot of weight anyway, so beeing able to eat was crucial. What I regret is not using herbal pain killers like weed. In Berlin that would had been possible without really breaking the law, but I don't want to recommend something that is against the law, so read this as from my experience only. Pain killers are great, but if you can stop using them after a couple of weeks, that's better for health. As I said, it's possilbe to live wiht pain, especially if you know it's not going to last forever.

Oxigen is lowering pain, so start moving, going for walks, as soon as possible. Prepare your sleeping position at home, get a recliner or prep your bed. Don't eat crap, prepare food and freeze so it's easy to manage life the weeks after. Also do some shopping of staple goods you know you're using always, clean the house and have things placed on a lower level... :) raising your arms too high can be a challenge.

Titel: Aw: Which german doctor you recommend?
Beitrag von: Steely am 12. Oktober 2022, 22:24:55
Thanks Annaj for your post and time you took to write it down.

Did you mean you have had surgery in Berlin and Magdeburg ie. two surgeries for your PE? Does Berlin mean on this forum Dr. Schaarschmidt and Magdeburg mean Dr. Luetzenberg?
Titel: Aw: Which german doctor you recommend?
Beitrag von: annaj am 14. Oktober 2022, 01:37:43
dr. Lützenberg worked in the Charité Hospital in Berlin when I did the initial surgery in 2011. When it was time to remove the bars, he just started working in Magdeburg. Since a couple of years he's the chief doctor of the reconstrictive surgery section of the Niels Stensen Hospital.
I had except for my explant of the two bars (2013) a breast implant surgery in 2014 and -15. My case was a bit complex due to a very serve pectus excavatum and a previous breast implant, difficult to explain in a few words. Dr. Lützenberg is a great surgeon, I hope you get the opportunity to get your pectus fixed by him.

Prof. Schaarschmidt worked (or is working, isn't he in pension yet..?) in the Berlin Buch hospital, the references doesn't necesserely have to do with cities, as both worked in Berlin... it depends on the timing.